Loading and Unloading Services and Other Services

Loading and Unloading Services

Article 49- The loading, unloading and transport services for goods coming to the Zone shall be performed by the Z.F.O. or the Operator. In Zones where there is no Z.F.O. or Operator these services may be performed by private persons or establishments, within the knowledge of the Zone Directorate. When the mentioned services are performed by private persons or establishments, a contract shall be signed between the Zone Directorate, the Z.F.O. or the Operator and this person or establishment. The “Free Zone Service Tariff” prepared by the Z.F.O. or the Operator shall be approved by the General Directorate taking the opinion of the Zone Directorate, and procedures and principles concerning the collection of service fees shall be set out in this tariff.

Other Services

Article 50- Those who wish to perform various activities in the Zone, like forwarding agents, customs brokers, sworn-in financial consultants, self-employed accountants and financial consultants, contractors, experts, engineers, architects or business supervisors, may do so with an “Operation Licence” and/or “Entry Permit” to be issued by the Zone Directorate.