Rent and Service Contracts

Matters That Should be Specified in Rent Contracts

Article 46- Rent Contracts signed between users and the Operator or the Z.F.O. are to include provisions laying down the following conditions:

a) Rent Contracts may not be conducted for periods longer than envisaged in the “Operation Licence” given to the user beforehand. Rent Contracts are abolished when the parties send notices of cancellation to each other upon the expiry or cancellation of the “Operation Licence”. In such event, the rent for the operational period, the cost of necessary repairs and other costs are deducted from the amount of security specified in the Rent Contract and the rest is paid back to the user. If the user turns out to be indebted, the necessary measures shall be taken against him for the indemnity of the repairs and other costs. If the user does not take his goods and belongings away with him within one month following the abolishment, these goods and belongings are liquidated.

b) Any and all real estate such as buildings, hangars, warehouses, depots, and factories constructed on the rented plot by the user, excluding the movables, shall become the property of the Treasury upon the expiry term of the “Operation Licence”.

c) At the expiry of the “Operation Licence” and the contract, if the Z.F.O. wishes ro re-rent to the same user the plot and facilities thereupon whose operation is left to the Z.F.O. pursuant to the provision of Article 25, the total rent shall be calculated considering the plot and building unit rental fees separately, and they shall be rented to the said user for preference.

d) The user must take the necessary precautions against fire and other hazards in the plot that he has rented and must insure the buildings and facilities therein against fire.

e) The user shall be responsible for all goods that enter or leave the place he has rented and must conform with the provisions hereof.