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  Advantages and Incentives Provided in the Antalya Free Zone:
  1. The Free Trade Zone is deemed to be outside the customs borders. Legislative provisions pertaining to taxes, levies, duties, customs and foreign exchange obligations are not applicable in the Zone. During the investment and production phases, operating foundations and users can benefit from the incentives determined by the Council of Ministers.

  2. Companies operating in the Free Zone may be 100 percent Turkish-owned or foreign-owned to the same degree.

  3. All types of infrastructure have been completed in the Free Zone and these are comparable with the  infrastructure of developed countries.

  4. Bureaucracy and red tape is minimized in the Free Zone and operation by the private sector is preferred.

  5. Unlike free zones in many countries, goods produced in the Antalya Free Zone may be offered for sale on Turkey's domestic market.

  6. The currency valid in the Free Zone consists of convertible foreign currencies accepted by the Central Bank of the Turkish Republic.

  7. Rents are very low plots of land with ready-completed infrastructure.

  8. Our Free Zone is very close to the European Union and the Middle Eastern markets. Many Turkish industrial goods can enter the European Union with zero customs duty. Moreover, from the Zone it is easy to arrange transportation to the port, the highway network, and centres of culture, tourism, pleasure and recreation.

  9. In the free zone there is no restriction on barter-trade.

  10. The maximum period of an operating licence may be extended up to 99 years.

  11. In the Free Zone, provisions of the Municipatily Law, the Foreign Investment Law and the Passport Law as well as many other laws which are contrary to the Free Zones Law will not be applicable.